Admissions open, Apply now!! for January and August intakes
Admissions open, Apply now!! for January and August intakes

Students’ Qur’an Competition 2023


In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe, and may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon our master prophet Muhammad (saww), his pure progeny, and his chosen companions.
The Holy Qur’an plays a great role in setting man and society on the straight path of salvation. There are many Qur’anic verses and blessed narrations that emphasized the importance of studying the Holy Qur’an and grasping the depth of its secrets and of commanding Allah’s servants to adhere to the Qur’an because it is His complete word and His complete will for mankind at all times and places: “And this Book that We have sent down is a blessed one; so, follow it and be Godwary so that you may receive (His) mercy”

So, whoever wants to reach to, and receive Allah’s bounties he/she only has to follow His path and be guided by His guidance, and whoever is guided is guided only by Him, and whoever deviates, goes astray.
The global challenges that the Islamic nation (ummah) is facing today, and the cultural invasion that surrounds it from every direction, makes the Holy Qur’an the best reference and guide, and a source of enlightened thought that saves man’s spirituality, entity and existence, and maintains his spiritual connection with the Almighty Allah; the Exalted Truth. And in the same vein, the Noble Messenger (saww) said: “If you want to enjoy the life of the happy, attain the death of martyrs, survive on the day of worries, have the shade on a hot day, guidance in times of deviation then study the Qur’an, for it is the speech of Allah the Most Merciful, a shield from Satan, and a positive load in the scale”.
And emphasizing the importance of learning and teaching the Qur’an, Al-Mustafa Islamic College has launched, since its establishment, the teaching of the Holy Qur’an, introducing its students to elite professors specialized in the field of teaching the Qur’an, reading and memorizing it besides its various related sciences.

Amidst the current challenge of the pandemic, Al-Mustafa Islamic college, in Ramadan last year 2022, held a major Quranic competition of its kind, with the participation of 120 male and female students from secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.
In these competitions, the college seeks to provide a rich Islamic heritage to students and to encourage them to engage in recitation and memorization of the Noble Qur’an, and to provide the skills of learning how to read the Qur’an to facilitate its sustainability in the Ugandan Muslim community.
The designed categories include Qur’an Research, Memorization of the complete Qur’an, followed by memorization of fifteen parts, ten parts; for males and females, in addition to items of Presentation, Dua Concept explanation, 40 Words of Wisdom and the book Nahj al-Balagha.

The competition will attract a total of 60 secondary schools and institutions of higher learning. This will enhance the effectiveness of Quranic work at all levels and promote its luminous purposes.
We thank Allah for everything.

This Quran Competition is aiming at encouraging reciters and memorizers, among others, by rewarding them to strengthen the Culture of reflection on the book of Allah and living by practicing its teachings.
This competition contributes to the raising of standards of activities that are related to spreading the teachings of Islam, establishing the spiritual environment, strengthening Muslim unity on basis of the Qur’an, and promoting co-existence in society.


1. Facilitate research and new discoveries around the Noble Qur’an
2. Develop the spirit of Quranic importance in the mindset of students of High schools and institutions of higher learning.
3. Work on enabling the Institutions of learning to play their leading role in creating conducive
environments for the recitation and memorization of the Qur’an.
4. Ensure that the Qur’an is recited properly and correctly.
5. Competition in Recitation and memorization of the Quran is an objective that should be encouraged by all, but especially by Teachers and Supervisors.
6. Help in nurturing the young on faith derived from the framework of the Qur’an.
7. Instill the spirit of Quranic Supremacy in the minds of students and People.
8. Develop the students’ linguistic acquisition, and improve their Recitation performance skills.
9. Identification of gifted students by discovering their hidden talents.



This section is for Scholars, individuals with university education, and university Students who are interested in going deep into the Qur’an to find patterns, relations, and new discoveries. It is meant to facilitate all kinds of analysis work around the Qur’an for both Arabic and English languages. Competition Themes;

1. Qur’an and Management
2. Qur’an and Politics
3. Qur’an and Social Affairs
4. Qur’an and Education
5. Quran exegesis
6. Qur’an and Holly books
7. Qur’an, laws, and Human rights

Note: Each Participant is required to write a 10-page research on one theme/topic of their choice.
All work is supposed to be sent via email: and WhatsApp on 0762800830
The last date of submission is 14th April 2023


I. Memorization (QURAN)

a) Memorizing 30 Juzus for Males only.
b) Memorizing 20 Juzus for Males only.
c) Memorizing 10 Juzus for Females only.

II. Recitation
a. Tartiil for females only.
b. Tahqiiq for males only.
Record 3 minutes video of Tartiil, Tahqiiq and then send them on the WhatsApp number given)

III. Presentation (oral submissions).


1. Tafsiir -commentary of the Quran-Selected verses of suratul – Ibrahim (Chapter 14)
2. Words of wisdom (from “Nahj – al – Balagha” Book: Forty wisdom narrations and letter 31 Commandment for d-Hassan bn Ali (His son (A.S), when he encamped at alHaazireen on
his way back from Siffeen
After registration, you are required to download the PDF of TAFSIIR or WORDS OF WISDOM files from the Website shown at the end of the booklet or receive a copy of the same from your school or institution.
3. DUA 20 (Dua for acquiring of “Noble Traits”-Makarem al-Akhlaq from the Book of Sahifa sajjadiya.
Nb: Participants will be required to read and acquire an understanding of the said Dua, and write
exams on various concepts contained therein.



THEME: Discussing topical issues affecting the youth
1. The best way internet can benefit the youth in a Muslim environment.
2. Discovering and handling a suspected Homosexual
3. Birth control and contraceptives- the Islamic perspective.
4. The hadith “He is not one of us who doesn’t show mercy to the young and respect to elders”
5. Aspects of cultures in fasting (Ramadhan).
6. The religious festive days in a multireligious society (Islamic view).
7. How to handle cultural taboos and Islamic permissibility.

1. What’s the meaning and scope of the prophet’s hadith (Love for one’s country is part of faith).
2. The Pros and Cons of The No-intrastrain king



i. Contestants are allowed to participate in more than one Category
ii. There will be strictness on punctuality. Any delay in the competition time schedules will
lead to cancelation.
iii. Having the necessary technical ability in the chosen field
iv. Continuous follow-ups of the competition participation information.



Qur’an Research

Registration: 20th/03/2023—3rd/04/2023

Submission of Research: 12th—14th/04/2023

Finals & Presentation of Awards & Certificates: 19th/04/2023 | 28th-Ramadan-1444

Oral Competition & Presentation

Registration: 20th/03/2023—3rd/04/2023

Competitions, Presentations & Exams: 17th—19th/04/2023

Finals & Presentation of Awards & Certificates: 19th/04/2023 | 28th-Ramadan-1444

Written Competition

Registration: 20th/03/2023—3rd/04/2023

Competitions & Exams: 12th—14th/04/2023

Finals & Presentation of Awards & Certificates: 19th/04/2023 | 28th-Ramadan-1444


Registration will be at;
1. selected schools and or institutions,
2. website:
3. WhatsApp on 0762800830



1st winner UGX. 600,000

2nd winner UGX. 550,000

3rd winner UGX. 500,000


1st winner UGX. 600,000

2nd winner UGX. 550,000

3rd winner UGX. 500,000


1st winner UGX. 550,000

2nd winner UGX. 500,000

3rd winner UGX. 450,000


1st winner UGX. 500,000

2nd winner UGX. 450,000

3rd winner UGX. 400,000


1st winner UGX. 450,000

2nd winner UGX. 400,000

3rd winner UGX. 350,000



1st winner UGX. 300,000

2nd winner UGX. 250,000

3rd winner UGX. 200,000


1st winner UGX. 400,000

2nd winner UGX. 350,000

3rd winner UGX. 300,000


1st winner UGX. 350,000

2nd winner UGX. 300,000

3rd winner UGX. 250,000


1st winner UGX. 250,000

2nd winner UGX. 200,000

3rd winner UGX. 150,000


(Concept explanation)

1st winner UGX. 200,000

2nd winner UGX. 150,000

3rd winner UGX. 100,000

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